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iDR-CLICKIT ( PTC Indonesia )

  • In the IDR-Clickit, you get paid simply by browsing the ads from our sponsors.
  • It's easy! You only need to click a link and view a website a few seconds to earn money.
  • You do not need any special skills, because you only need to visit the sites we provide. You can get more with how to refer your friends.
  • Request payment of Rp. 20,000 can be made every day and are processed through the BCA, MANDIRI, BNI & PayPal.

The advantage that you get as a member:
  • Income up to Rp. 100 per click
  • Income up to Rp. 50 per referral click

Detailed and complete statistical record of clicks you have done, earnings, and even the activity and number of clicks your referrals do the complete recorded

Very easy to advertise your product or service in the IDR-Clickit.

  • Click on the various packages available to choose from.
  • Everyone should and can see the ad that you attach, but the only result of clicking from members are included in the price you buy.
  • So, you will get what you pay for and even more if your ads are viewed by visitors to outside non-member, so you get a view ads for free!
  • Each click by a member will only be counted as much as 1 click every 24 hours.

Another advantage of the advertiser:

  • Various packages click according to your needs.
  • Detailed statistical appearance of your ad.
  • Anti-fraud protection is quite sophisticated and current.
  • Available geo-targeting feature.

How To Make Money For Kids

7 Ways How To Make Money For Kids

1) Selling Vegetable In The Market
When I was young, I used to help my cousin to sell vegetable in the fresh market. Besides of vegetable, he did sell many other groceries. When a customer requested for something, then I’ll go and get the things for him and my cousin will collect the money. Other than selling vegetable, I did help him to move groceries and arrange them properly on the table.

Selling vegetable in the fresh market won’t make you a lot of money, but it’s still money if you add it up. I did it when I want to earn some pocket money.

2) Selling Biscuit In Bakery
Other than selling vegetable in the fresh market, you can also sell biscuit in bakery, the scope of work would be similar to selling vegetable in the market, you need to serve customer and get whatever your customer wants, it’s fairly simple and it’s what a kid can do.

3) Selling Handcraft
You may need to have some skills to make money by selling handcraft, I used to make voodoo doll and sell it to my friends in the past, you can also make some other handcraft to sell it to your friends at school. The more you do, the more money you can earn in a day, voodoo doll can be sold in good price, you would be able to make some good money if you can do up to 10 voodoo dolls in a day, my friend used to make up to 20 voodoo dolls a day.

4) Car Wash
You can do a lot of job to earn some extra cash, cash wash would be one of them. You are not required to have any skills to do this, you just need to know how to clean a car, you just need your parents to show you 1 time and you can definitely do it yourself.

You can go to the same street of their house, go house by house and ask whether they need help to wash their car, of course you need to help them how much you charge for that. Be sure you get permit from your parents before doing this, some parents may too sensitive about this.

5) Deliver Flyers
Delivering flyers would be more simple than other ways to make money for kids, you’ll need to find a company which assigns this job, you’re given a number of flyers and you just need to deliver all of them to a location that they set for you. You can either deliver flyers from house to house, or you can deliver to passenger, it depends on what your boss want you to do.

6) Pet Sitting
Many kids love pet especially puppy or kitten, this is an interesting way to make money. If you love pet and you can ask your neighbors who have pet and need people to look after it, then you take the job. It’s really not easy to get a job which is your hobby, if you love pet and there is a money making opportunity, grab it!

7) Selling Gaming Cards
Kids love gaming cards such as pokemon cards, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, pokemon cards and the like. If you have some extra money, buy a huge number of various cards and sell it to your friends in the school.

It’s some sort like investment, it doesn’t mean that you can earn more money by selling any cards, you need to check for the current trend and see which gaming card is the hottest one, buy a huge number in lower price, and sell it one by one or in bulk in higher price, you can probably earn 200% profit in short time.


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