Lets look at important tips needed before we join PTC's. Organisations is the biggest trick when joining PTC's.

What To Organise
  • It is very essential to use a single email adress to organise all your site from one place. So you can have all information with less clicks at all times.
  • It is again advisable to use different passwords for different PTC's so that if one steals your identity, you have the other sites secure, Using a notepad to store the passwords is secure. Most Email service providers have this facility. An alternative to this is using roboform, a program which stores and saves your passwords.
  • You must use the same username in your PTC's so that it is easier to advertise and organise your links.
  • Set your self a time table for the time you would want to be working on your prefered PTC sites so that you do not end up wasting much of your time on the sites randomly.
  • Give yourself some motivation moto's that will help you stick to your time table and at the same time fulfill your moto.
  • Set your self some sites where you can advertise your PTC. This is very important way of getting referrals for your PTC's as more referrals guarantee quicker payouts thus less work on you part as well!

Where To Advertise
  1. Video Submission Sites . Ex: Youtube, Metacafe
  2. Social NetWorking Sites. Ex : bebo, myspace, facebook
  3. Social & Marketing Network Sites. Ex: Zenzuu, Yuwie, Mylot
  4. Money Making Forums. Ex: post to riches, powelly
  5. If you have funds, you can advertise on other PTC's & their forums
  6. Traffic Exchanges & Safelists. Ex:Easyhits4u, mysticalmaze, hit2hit

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