Step 10 - List your site in major directories and niche directories in your industry.

You probably already know about Yahoo! (good but expensive), DMOZ (often takes months to get into) and Zeal (tricky to get into; for non-commercial sites).

Here are some more directories (some charge a fee):

Looksmart (probably too expensive)
Best of the Web

Guides to web directories

David Mahler has a Guide to Web Directories. It's a good list of recommended web directories.

Here's another list:

How to find niche directories:

  • Go to Search It! (It's a very handy free research tool.)
  • Scroll to the Search Category, "Specialty Hubs and Directories"
  • Choose one of the 4 options in STEP 2
  • Read the "Click Here for Information..." help before proceeding
  • Complete STEPS 3 and 4, and then click on Search It!
  • Read the tutorial. It tells you what to do with the search results
  • Get your search results. You should be able to find relevant, themed hub sites and directories which will list your site. Some charge a fee, some are free.

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