PTC Tricks Advance

  • Open 5-10 Different websites at a time and while you click on add of one site immediately click on ad of 2nd site and then 3rd, 4th, saves your 1000% time. For this purpose use your favorite Tabbed format browser (Browsers which have Tab window, Instead of single windows)
  • Block unwanted pop-ups, so they don't irritate you while you are clicking ads.
  • Use Always GMAIL. Cause gmail is the fastest traffic mail, you will got your new email in realtime
  • Always Fix a specific time for your Paid to click program.
  • Delete the emails which are 2-3 days old because they don't pay.
  • Use Roboform to save your time while filling Survey Forms and lead forms and store your Passwords and usernames also. Click to download.
  • Important Tip: Always clear your cookies with a cookie cleaner. Download cookie cleaner
  • To start with, you'll want a good anti-virus and anti-spyware software installed on your computer. You will be visiting a lot of websites, especially if you're using a PTS (Pay to Surf) program, and it's important to keep your computer protected.
  • Choose carefully which programs to invest your time into. Your best ones have been around a while and have a known history of paying its members.
  • Be careful of programs that sound too good to be true - they usually are. Read and understand the terms of any site you consider joining. Click here for a list of known scamming or deceptive sites.
  • When signing up for a program, select the "Site Inbox & Email" option to start with (you can always change this option later). Some email addresses will bounce some or all of your emails from the site, or move it to your spam folder. If you select the email option only, you will never know this and you could be missing out on income. You can certainly choose the "Site inbox only" option, but keep in mind that some emails are set to expire after a certain amount of time or clicks. You may want to sign up for a free email account to use solely for your PTR's.
  • Upon signing up with a program, visit their Paid-to-Click section & start clicking! This will allow you to verify that everything is working correctly, and let's them know you are serious about clicking. In most cases, the more you click, the more email you receive! Most PTR's allow you to click the links in the PTC section every 24 hours, and its often possible to earn as much or more there daily as you do from the emails.
  • Know whether the site offers points as well as what you are able to use them for. Some programs convert points to cash weekly or monthly, and others that allow you to redeem them for advertising or for upgrades. You will have to decide based on your goals whether or not clicking on points is worth your time.
  • Don't even consider signing up for "Gold" memberships (they cost money) until you are sure it is one of the sites you will be investing most of your time into. Just sign up for the free account and try it out first.
  • Search sites from advertisers are opt-in or standard with most PTR's. A valid search is not only performing the search, but clicking on one of the results and letting that page load completely. PTR's and others cannot require you to complete a valid search, because that is a violation of the terms of the search engine. But go ahead and click when you can and especially on any category you're interested in, because that makes happy advertisers and brings you more opportunities to make money in the long run.
  • Be sure to click on a few links per month, or your account may deleted due to inactivity. Review other causes of getting your account deleted without payment, such as creating two accounts (usually only one account is allowed per I.P. address per computer).
  • Beware of "Cheat Links". If you click on them (and they're pretty obvious as long as you're aware of them), your account may be suspended, deleted, or points deducted. These are created as a test to show that the person clicking can read English and is therefore actually reading the advertisements they will be viewing.

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