Criteria PTC

Before we joining any other PTC's, it should be of we interest that not all PTC's do pay and those that do not pay (scam), will waste our time.
So i'm going to help you with things to look for when joining a PTC.

Most sites will pay $0.01 per click to standard members or below and not more than that. The Only PTC sites that might pay more than are those that will only allow you to convert your earnings to adverts and thus do not pay you cash. Therefore, if you see that the site is offering more than that, has a low payout ($10 or less), there is a high chance it is a scam site and will not pay its members.

Many legit/paying sites will put proofs that they have paid there members. Be on alert though that the proofs might not be real or may be rigged from anywhere on the internet. The other draw back is that some scam sites will pay other members and leave others unpaid.

Most (not all) paying/legit sites will have forums for its members to voice their concerns, be sure to check in the forums to see what other members are saying.

When you search in google, for the site you attempt joining, be sure to check the other indexes, if it is a scam site, there will already be other search indexes saying its scam but be sure to read them.

This is not always true, but most legit sites will stay for sometime and the scams will disappear, so its good to start with the old sites first.

This is a recent concept which PTC's have adopted in order to raise more funds in case they incur losses. This is not guarantee but just a guide to how insightful the site is.

These are just some of the things to look for and i'm sure we can come up with more of our own. Even the names of these sites might give you a clue, example, most trusted site means its legit, most scam sites will not have "nicknames of their own", well apart from "scam" of course!

Payment Processors
Firstly, to join a ptc, you need to join an online payment processor to receive payments with. There are two Payment processors preferred by PTC's. If you haven't joined just click on the links below to join them. Without these, you won't get paid.

* Paypal [not commonly used]

* AlertPay [most commonnly used]


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