PTC Tricks

How do we earn real dollar for clicking on adslinks without being cheated or give up half way ? Earning real dollar means, seeing the amount due actually get transferred to your bank account or PayPal account. The tricks are to spot potential problematics PTC site and comply to certain safe practices, as listed below:

1. Skip those PTC sites that impose minimum pay out value exceeding $10.00. Assuming that we have no referral and each click will earn you $0.01, it would take you 1,000 clicks to earn the $10.00. And assuming that we can clicks on average of 5 ads per day, it would takes you 200 days (6.6 months) make the 1,000th click.

2. Skip those PTC sites that advertised their competitor banners and/or other ads text (for example Google adword). This just illustrates that the PTC site owner is desperate for dollar and willing to include banner ads and Google ads.

3. Sign up with the PTC and try it for a couple of days. If after several days and you still can't manage to click on a single ad, quit the PTC and concentrate others. This happens when the PTC site owner is unable to secure ads contract from the Advertisers.

4. If the PTC site has been delivering consistent number of ads, it time to put serious efforts like be more active and be aggressive in recruiting down line or referrals. Referrals can boost your earning and help you to reach the minimum cash out level faster.

5. Do not waste your hard money in buying referrals or upgrading to premier membership. There is no guarantee that purchasing referrals or becoming a premium member will make you earn more.

6. Once a while, search for the PTC site to see if it has been placed under scam radar observation. A PTC site that received plenty of complaints or branded as "scam" might just be a real problem.

7. Use free traffic exchange and other type of website promotion to source for referrals. This is more economical then spending money on Google Adword and other sites.


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